Friday, September 29, 2006

How To Change Things The Easy Way

This article is a newsletter I received from Mick Hawes - the author. This article is all about the tips and techniques to move from stress to success.

Mick Hawes says to get the best from this article we need to be open minded. An he reminds us the old saying, the mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open.

Here the article starts:

One of the most important things you need to be aware of is Social Hypnosis, we get hypnotised by the beliefs of all the people that we surround ourselves with and we really need to put those aside while we are reading this, to gain an understanding of some things from a different perspective. This will allow you to weigh it up and decide what you want to do with it.

I know, just because you're reading this right now, you are one of the few who act, as opposed to many who just talk and wish for things to be easier. So let's now cover some ideas on how to create success in any area of our life.

We're going to go through a model for change. The question I have for you is do you experience emotions that you would prefer to experience less? What would those emotions be called? Some would be called anger or maybe frustration or fear and so on.

What I'm about to reveal is a model for change; it is not "THE" model for change it is "A" model for change. There are many ideas out there but this is one that I have used for over a decade and it's made a significant difference to me and the many thousands of others I have shared this with. If the way you try to change thins in your life isn't working as well as you'd like, then give this one a shot.


For the purpose of this exercise, I'm suggesting that we assume the emotion is the end result, I realise that our emotion or how we feel has a huge influence over how things turn out or the results you get, so if you buy into this model it then means we have the opportunity to change the emotion. Then buy changing the emotion we will get different results.

Let's quickly walk through this model. This model is saying if you want your results to improve how you feel needs to needs to change. For example if you are a sales person and you are always pessimistic and down in the dumps you are not going to sell a whole lot. Enthusiasm is the ticket for making sales and if you follow this model you will have an abundance of it. Or perhaps there have been times in your life when being calm would have gotten a great outcome in a certain situation but at the time "calm" wasn't even on the radar!

This model says that how you behave, or in other words how you move your body (body language) determines how you feel. If you don't believe me stop what you are doing right now and leap up and put the biggest, craziest smile you have ever done on your face. Now I bet you feel different doing this than you did just reading the previous sentence. You may feel silly or embarrassed right now (That is of course if you did it and didn't just sit there like most people would) or perhaps you feel like laughing, but you DO feel different. Because the way you use your body changes your emotions and in this model that body movement or body language is being labeled behaviour.

Start to manage your emotions with your body language, have a ton of fun with it and share it with your friends.

You only have your bad habits to lose so, GO FOR IT!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back Again!

I am back again after a long time since my last post.

Why such long gaps often? What keeps away from blogging?

For the above questions, one should know my intro and relationship with blog-world.

Frankly saying, I came into blog-world all due to the inducement given by my mates and not of my own interest.

One of my mate often used to sit in-front of blogs. And he used to share all those experience he had with the bloggers. He would share the comments he gave and received.

He urged me to start one. Even though I was not interested, I was drawn into the blog-world by him. Till then, I was caught by the devil in the form of disgustion - how to start? what to write? how to write? how to post?

Days rolled, and I started a blog for my identity (cheers!!..). I posted four articles for two months. In this two months most of the days I spent on how to improve the design of my blog. I visited many blogs, sites to get some design.

And then threatened by the devil 'disgustion' - how to start? what to write? how to write? how to post?, I let my blog down for the next 4 to 5 months.

Beside this I have a habit of maintaining the digital albums. Once one of my mate asked the link to access some of my albums in which he shares space with me. I was sending the invitations of those albums he requested one by one.

This made a strike in my mind and I asked myself why can't we use our once upon a time made blog for holding the links of my digital albums.

So I dusted off my blog after around 4 to 5 months. Updated my blog with the links to my digital albums. Then started posting articles for the next two months.

And again the devil.. yes you are right the disgustion - what to post? how to write? what shall i write?

And now it is around 5 months. This time I decided to runaway from the devil and keep posting atleast one article a month. That could be personal, article read from newsletters or other websites - anything I should keep my blog engaged.

Let us see how far can I run away from the devil!