Monday, September 22, 2014

Capdase Car Mobile Holder - HR00-SP21

Ordered Capdase Car Mobile Holder on last Saturday (20-Sep-2014) from ebay. The model number is HR00-SP21. The MRP is Rs. 1699.

Made the order for Rs. 1499 from the seller advaith-inc. Before the order googled about this car mobile holder and found the reviews to be good.

Got the mail on shipment of the product by Sunday (21-Sep-2014). And received the product today (22-Sep-2014).

The product was well packed. It had an outer ebay cover. Inside the ebay cover, the product was bubble wrapped. Also it had the voucher.

The car mobile holder was found in a sealed box. Unboxing it found the mobile holder unassembled and a manual to assemble the mobile holder.

The mobile holder seemed to be good in quality. I am yet to fix it in car. Will update this post after some usage.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Srinathji's, Marathalli, Bangalore

Two days back went to Srinathji's restaurant for lunch. We were of 4 members. Just walked-in without any reservation. 

One of us is a pure vegetarian who doesn't even take onion and garlic. And this restaurant was his recommendation. Srinaji's restaurant serves vegetarian Jain food and they don't use onion and garlic.

We (the other three of us that includes me) were skeptic on the variety and taste of food served there that sans onion and garlic. But we were surprised on seeing the menu. The menu was quite exhaustive with Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Sizzlers, Indian varieties.

We started with soup, then starters. We had Veg Spring Clear Soup. And Veg crispy, Paneer kurkure kabab for starters. Soup was ok type not impressed so much. But starters were awesome. We all liked it. 

Then we had Paneer 65 gravy, Thai vegetable noodles and Hyderabadi biryani for main course. All the three were tasty.

We finished the lunch with hot chocolate and lassi. Ambiance was good. The pricing was OK and it came Rs. 1579 for four. 


Within a week of previous visit, we went Srinathji's restaurant for lunch. It was a treat by one of my colleagues for his marriage.

This time I tried Minestrone soup which was very good when compared to Veg Spring Clear Soup I had last time. Some of others tried Zuppa Di Spinnica Soup. 

Then we had Veg Crispy, Gobi Manchurian, Srinathji's platter for Starters. All tasted good.

We had Mexican Pasta, Butter Paratha, Methi Kulcha, Nan, Roti, Srinathjis Biryani, Dal Mughalai, Reshmi Paneer Masala and Veg Kolhapuri for main course.
And we finished with Dangerous riders!

We were of 10 members and it came around Rs. 4400.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sigaram Thodu Salim, You can do it!

Recently, caught four movies on theatres - Jigarthanda, Anjaan, Salim and Sigaram Thodu.

Only with Anjaan, I was very uncomfortable on my seat. There were two reasons - first the seat I selected had a fault in it and second the movie itself. Actually Anjaan was forced on me by my boss (boss?? not office!!). 

Other movies are watchable in theatres. For me, Salim is the one who stood out. Salim is thoroughly engaging till the end (it was a 10:15PM show). Given the option of watching one more time, I would choose Salim among the three. Other two movies are one-timers.