Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Got back my lost mobile... :)

It was around 08:25 Hrs IST today, I received a call from my lost mobile (see my previous post on this). I was more than happy because it came at the time I lost hope in getting back the mobile.

The guy at the other end (who called me on my lost mobile) said he found the mobile at the place exactly where I lost my mobile.

I collected my mobile from him. I thanked him for being so kind on returning the mobile.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

In bad times...

07-Oct-2012, Sunday: 
  1. On the way to Bangalore from my hometown Vallioor, my car wobbled due to some problem in the front left wheel side.
  2. Had a miraculous escape while checking the problem on the road-side. Still struggling to recover from the same.
  3. Halted at Dindigul to get the car fixed next day. It was raining heavily.

08-Oct-2012, Monday:
  1. Checked my car at Hyundai service center at Dindigul. Found that a crack was developed in front left wheel. Further driving would cause the tyre burst.
  2. Caught red-handed near Bangalore for over-speeding and paid a fine of Rs. 300.

09-Oct-2012, Tuesday:
  1. Lost my mobile that I had for Karnataka number.