Saturday, April 29, 2006

A milestone in World Technology

The picture shows the smallest petrol engine invented by the engineers of Birmingham University.

This tiny engine can run for two years on a single squirt of lighter fuel.

This petrol engine which is less than a centimetre in length produces energy 700 times more than a conventional battery. This engine can be used to operate laptops and mobile phones.

Engineers those who tried to develop such engines earlier faced the problem of enormous heat produced by the engine itself. That is, the engines burned themselves due to the heat they produced.

The engineers of Birmingham University overcame this problem by using heat-resistant materials such as ceramic and silicon carbide.

Experts says that, after six years from now the devices which need recharging or new batteries will be a thing of past due to this invention!.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Awesome Animal!!!...

The awesome animal in the picture is a liger - a cross between a male lion and a female tiger. And this liger is the adventitious result of two big cats living close together at the Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, in Miami, Florida.

This liger named Hercules is 10ft tall and half a ton weight. Hercules is just three years old. He gulps around 9Kg of meat, usually beef or chicken at a time.

Hercules possesses the strength of a lion and the speed of a tiger. It is capable of reaching 50mph.

Intensified Browser of Microsoft - IE7

Most Internet surfers detest Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) browser for it doesn't offer tabbed browsing. Moreover there were some security problems.

And this time Microsoft will charm the Internet surfers by its Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) browser. Of-course 'IE7' offers tabbed browsing and many other new features.

Microsoft has released the beta version of Internet Explorer 7 browser. Click to download this beta version and know about the new features it offers.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tamil Nadu Comic Politics!!!...

Sachin Tendulkar - Not a man of words

In 1989, the little master made his debut in Pakistan. And by then Sachin is not even old enough to get a driving licence.

Sachin Tendulkar was facing the then young leg spinner Mustaq Ahmed. The Pakistani crowds were holding out placards saying "hey kid, go home and drink milk". But then Sachin replied them back by smashing two sixes in that over of Mustaq Ahmed.

This irritated Abdul Qadir (the mentor of Mustaq Ahmed). He challenged the little master by saying "Why are you hitting kids? Try and hit me.".

Sachin gave respect to the words of Abdul Qadir and smashed four sixes, one four in that over.

Sachin proved that he is not a man of words.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Politics beyond dignity

That was past in Tamil Nadu, when people made wondrous history in politics seeking dignity. We can say Dr. M.G.R as an example.

But at present, politics went beyond self-respect. The picture here is a consummate example for that.

42 runs in an over!!!...

42 runs in an over - really stuns every cricket fan. And this mammoth record was made by a Yorkshire club cricketer yesterday (25-April-2006).

The cricketer named Jonathan Hughes executed six sixes, one four and a two for essaying this record. Of-course, two no-balls were bowled in that over.

Earlier record for the highest number of runs in an over was 36 runs. And this was made by two legends - Gary Sobers of West Indies and Ravi Shastri of India.