Tuesday, November 15, 2005

An article on Motivation

Hai friends. Once in my company, I was asked to write an article on "Motivation" by my predecessors. They said this article will be provided to my successors and hence the article should be upto that extent.

But i have no experience of writing such articles before. I tried upto my level and completed the article with the help of my room-mate. I like to share that article with you. Do read the article and find whether it is worth enough to motivate the reader(yourself).

The article on motivation is as follows:

As per the saying of Dr.A.P.J.AbdulKalam "Self-Learning is the pre-requisite of great undertakings". One should emphasize greatly on the way he/she conceive and conclude things. Learning is an arrow and its target is knowledge. So the way it is carried out holds the key. This key not only opens the door of knowledge, but also of success. "Carrying out" as such is not a simple phrase; it needs a ton of homework to balance the weight. Planning, preparation and peddling the preparation, peels the hurdles in search of knowledge.

Planning needs a great contemplation on the destination or goals. Goals are the sense of direction and they thrive us towards action. Once you fix your goal, your commitment to achieve it is the next, but the big step is in reaching it. Everyone can ask questions, but the one who has the real commitment to find the answer gets it. Sincere, serious, systematic steps surely secure the supreme success.

Preparation and commitment treads on the same line with great difference. Commitment is persisting with your aim even when you don't know how to prepare. Preparation is the side door of commitment, only when you are committed you will prepare. But to touch the cup of success is not easy without two gross of toil and sweat, which in-turn are the only products of preparation and commitment.

When you are walking along the path to your destination, the milestones/objectives are the moral boosts. They guide and persuade us. They are like the smell of roses in the Amazon area. The travelogue of success by great personalities reflects their commitment, not in reaching their destination but their objectives. Objectives without action are empty dreams. You get nothing out of them. But the actions squeeze the inner soul out of you. It has the pain which often scruples you. To overcome such hurdles, one needs the maturity at its superlative.

An ancient Indian sage was teaching his disciples the art of archery. He put a wooden bird as the target and asked them to aim at the eye of the bird. The first disciple was asked to describe what he saw. He said, "I see the tree, the branches, the leaves, the sky, the bird and its eye".

The sage asked this disciple to wait. Then he asked the second disciple the same question and he replied, "I only see the eye of the bird". The sage said, "Very good, then shoot". The arrow went straight and hit the eye of the bird.

What is the moral? Unless we focus, we cannot achieve our goal. It is hard to focus and concentrate, but it is a skill that can be learned.

"Winners see objective, losers see obstacles."

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