Thursday, October 13, 2011

My visit to NEW LIFE HOME

Three weeks back (24-Sep-2011), we had a chance to visit a home for aged people in my hometown Vallioor. The home named "New Life Home For Aged Destitutes" is being managed by Mr. I.D.Samuel, the secretary of the home.

We were there for lunch offered by us for the aged people at the home. We used to visit this home once or twice a year. But this time I wished to share you all about the home.

We also took some of our family friends with us. First, we were taken all around the home. The aged people over there are provided rooms with proper facilities. The rooms over there currently accommodates around 60 aged people.

Each building block was built on sponsorship provided by some good hearts. And you can see the sponsor's name on each building.

The aged people are provided with the facility for watching TV. And below is the place where all the aged people gathers after 6:30 PM for watching TV.

Below is the prayer hall. The aged people gather here for prayers. And the prayer hall is not specific to any religion. This prayer hall has Bhagavat Gita, Quran and Bible. Also this room has a library with it

Below is the medical block which is used for aged people who are very critical in condition. And doctors in my hometown Vallioor are providing free treatments for these aged people.

I would like to share you few interesting stories on how the home got certain facilities. One fine evening, there was a visitor to the aged home. When he was looking around the home, there was a power cut. Seeing the struggle of the aged people, he immediately sponsored a generator for the home. You can see the generator room below.

The other story, hearing that the people at home struggles to go hospital from there, one guy who bought a new car donated his old car to the home.

And there were many people who has done such big contributions. Also there are many people who makes a monthly contribution to the home. Apart from this, many people volunteers to sponsor the daily food (breakfast/lunch/dinner).

Below is the hall where we had the lunch.

Personally, I was very happy to see how well the aged people are being treated here. They are given their due respect.

And the good news is they are expanding the home. They are raising somemore buildings which would accommodate another 30 aged people.

If you think you could help them in any way you can contact Mr. I.D.Samuel, the secretary. Phone- 04637-241493, Mobile-9894256474, Email-

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Team outing @ SISO

Four weeks back (14 Sep 2011), we had a team outing at SISO (Samsung India Software Operations). We went Eagle Ridge resort.

It was around 13:00 Hrs IST when we reached the resort. We were provided the welcome drink. And then we had our lunch

The lunch was good. We were served with a non-veg starter, a veg starter, a non-veg curry, a veg curry, roti, ghee rice, and ice cream. Though the items were less, the quality of the food served is good.

After lunch we had a walk around the resort.

We played volleyball for an hour. We had more fun and we enjoyed a lot.

We also enjoyed some quality time at swimming pool.

At the end we were provided tea with snacks. And we started from there by around 17:00 Hrs.

Click here for the album.

About Eagle Ridge resort:
It has many indoor games (table tennis, carrom, chess), outdoor games (cricket, volleyball). And the quality of the food is good. It has also many cottages for rent. We were charged Rs 500 per person for the fun we had there.