Thursday, July 29, 2010

Distance - how far will be safe?

There are situations in which we might face people with venomous behaviors towards us. These behaviors hurt us while we are at the receiving end. Most often we struggle on thinking - how to cope people with such behavior?

We are on road. We see barking dogs, buffaloes creating traffic, stenchy pigs and so on. Its sure that we do bother on this. But have you ever been hurt because of these. No, because here our least bother would be - we should do away from these. And not on why they do at us. This is because we are aware that they are made so. I.e. we very well understand that here its the birth, the situation and the environment defines the behavior on them.

We can apply the same in the case of people whose behavior tend to hurt us. We should understand them. We should understand that the behavior of these people is defined by their birth, the situation and the environment they grew-up/live. This understanding would provide us the knowledge on the distance we should maintain from these people. Failing to understand this, we are to continue in trouble.